Report: Thinking of New Energy from Fukushima Part.2

Proposal from high-school students living in Fukushima

YWCA of Japan implemented a program ” Thinking of New Energy from Fukushima Part.2” for high-school students living in Fukushima following the last year, to provide a chance to learn about the system and operation of natural energy as well as to discuss how to, apply them in daily life and spread them through society. The program was composed of 8 events held from July to November 2016, which can be roughly divided into 3 categories; 1. field trip within and outside Fukushima, 2. study about attempts on renewal energy within Fukushima, and 3. presentation (having purposes of reporting the outcome of the program, raising awareness on renewable energy, and giving a proposal on future attempts), including a presentation during 1st World Community Power Conference’s side event “Fukushima youth conference on renewable energy” held on November 3, 2016 at Corasse Fukushima.

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