• Report: Thinking of New Energy from Fukushima Part.2
    Proposal from high-school students living in Fukushima
    (Jan 17, 2017)

    Tour to Tsuchiyu-Onsen Hot Spring (hydroelectric and geothermal generation) in July

    YWCA of Japan implemented a program ” Thinking of New Energy from Fukushima Part.2” for high-school students living in Fukushima following the last year, to provide a chance to learn about the system and operation of natural energy as well as to discuss how to, apply them in daily life and spread them through society. The program was composed of 8 events held from July to November 2016, which can be roughly divided into 3 categories; 1. field trip within and outside Fukushima, 2. study about attempts on renewal energy within Fukushima, and 3. presentation (having purposes of reporting the outcome of the program, raising awareness on renewable energy, and giving a proposal on future attempts), including a presentation during 1st World Community Power Conference’s side event “Fukushima youth conference on renewable energy” held on November 3, 2016 at Corasse Fukushima.

    Visit to German Embassy in August Solar-cooker making workshop in August
    Lecture meeting at Locopa Fukushima in September Participation to 1st World Community Power Conference’s side event “Fukushima youth conference on renewable energy” in November

    Voices of Participants

    * Originally having a purpose to deepen my thoughts, it was actually beneficial for me to think further on what I want to do in future. It also provided me with chances of getting associated with many people from various YWCAs, companies and NPOs, which helped me gain communication skills too. I have discovered a lot of new aspects of Fukushima in spite of living there and believing in myself familiar enough with the area.

    * I would like to study forest in Department of Forest Environment in a university, and think and implement how to utilize of the vast nature in Aizu region.

    * The program has given us precious opportunities of making visits to German Embassy and off-grid house, and hosting a lecture meeting inviting a guest instructor and a presentation of our own learnings. It helped me become aware that we need to transform ourselves in order to make a change in Fukushima.

    * As the area where I live in is densely surrounded by mountains, I hoped of cutting trees and generating power with biomass by myself in the future.

    * I used to just want to go overseas, yet now I wish to study renewable energy abroad. This experience made me long for going to a university where I can take on the path.

    * I am grateful for being able to know the present situation of Fukushima, inviting Ms. Yasuko Inoue as an instructor, and being given many chances of making presentations.

    This program has been supported by the Board of Education of Fukushima Prefecture.

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