Letter of Protest against Cabinet Members’ visit to Yasukuni Shrine

On 15th August, the anniversary day for the end of the World War II in Japan,
three cabinet minister officially visited the controversial Yasukuni
Shrine, which had once been a spiritual pillar of Japan’s militarism
and its invasion to Asia.
Moreover, Prime Minister Abe sent his special aide to make a donation
to the shrine under the name of “Liberal Democratic Party Leader”.
The prime minister also omitted any mention about the damages caused on
the Asian countries by the Japanese military, or Japan’s regret about
the aggression, or the “pledge not to engage in war again” in his
speech in a national memorial service.
We, the YWCA of Japan, strongly protest against these moves.

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YWCA(Young Women’s Christian Association)is an international NGO where, upon a Christian foundation, women from around the world exceed the barriers of language and cultures and work together to encourage women’s participation in society and to realize a peaceful world where human rights, health and environment is protected. The movement began in Great Britain in 1855, and nowadays, it works in more than 100 countries throughout the world. The YWCA of Japan works with 24 local YWCAs and 37 junior and senior high-school YWCAs, and holds ESOSOC consultative status since 2019.