CSW67 Parallel event by YWCA of Japn: “Social media and sexual exploitation: young women’s perspectives from Japan”

The YWCA of Japan is hosting a CSW67 parallel event “Social media and sexual exploitation: young women’s perspectives from Japan”, where young women share their views and realities about gender bias in mass media and child sexual exploitation in Japan.

The event will be held in person in New York City, USA, as well online as a hybrid event. We look forward to your participation!

Event details:

The global COVID-19 pandemic caused rapid digitalization and progress in use of technology in Japanese society, bringing about positive changes as well as negative side-effects, especially those experienced by children and women in online spaces. This event focuses on the gender bias and sexual exploitation within social and mass media in Japan.

Hosted by 5 young women leaders from the YWCA of Japan, the event will be an interactive space where all participants will be invited to share situations in their own communities and countries. What actions will you take for empowerment and change in your own space tomorrow?

  • Date/Time:
    • EST (New York timezone): 6th March 16:30PM
    • UTC: 6th March 21:30PM
    • JST:  7th March 6:30AM
  • Venue: 
YWCA of Japan
〒101-0062 Room 302, Tokyo YWCA Kaikan, 1-8-11 Kanda-Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3292-6121/ Fax: 03-3292-6122



YWCA(Young Women’s Christian Association)is an international NGO where, upon a Christian foundation, women from around the world exceed the barriers of language and cultures and work together to encourage women’s participation in society and to realize a peaceful world where human rights, health and environment is protected. The movement began in Great Britain in 1855, and nowadays, it works in more than 100 countries throughout the world. The YWCA of Japan works with 24 local YWCAs and 37 junior and senior high-school YWCAs, and holds ESOSOC consultative status since 2019.