What is YWCA?

YWCA (Young Women's Christian Association) as a nongovernmental, nonprofit membership association:

Promotes women's full and equal participation at all levels of society through leadership opportunities and training.

Works for social and economic justice through development and advocacy programmes.

Mobilises women's collective power for action on issues of vital concern: women's rights, human rights, peace, health and the integrity of the environment.

Bases its works on Christian ecumenical principles and welcomes women of all faiths.


Peace Movement

Peace Constitution
YWCA of Japan strongly supports the Japanese Constitution promulgated in 1946 for its stance on human rights, the sovereignty of the people and peace especially Article 9, on renunciation of war.

Abolishment of nuclear weapons
YWCA of Japan believes that humanity and nuclear weapons cannot co-exist. And we promote full-fledged use of environmentally friendly energy as an alternative to nuclear power. Since 1971, every August, a study tour "Pilgrimage to Hiroshima" provides participants from Jr/Sr high schools and local YWCAs with an opportunity to meet atomic bomb survivors and learn the horrors of atomic bombs.

International Programmes

We believe it is important especially for young women to develop her potential and leadership in international environment. Also, networking among Asian countries is essential for us.

Participation in international programmers hosted by World YWCA and other associations

Joint programmes between local YWCA in Korea and Japan.


Joint programmes between local YWCA in China and Japan
  Projects to support YWCA of Palestina