• Thinking of New Energy from Fukushima:
    Proposal from high-school students living in Fukushima
    (Mar 12, 2016)

    During 2015-2016, the YWCA of Japan coordinated the program “Thinking of New Energy from Fukushima”, for high school students living in Fukushima.
    The program was supported by Fukushima Prefecture, and consisted of 9 sessions from September 2015 to March 2016. During the program, the students learned about alternative energy and its utilization as well as recycling-oriented lifestyle, through field visits to different parts of Japan. In the latter part of the programs, they discussed and prepared a proposal toward the realization of a society based on alternative energy.

    On 12th March, the students held a presentation session to share their learnings and proposal. The following is the words of a student at the concluding presentation:

    “What we experienced from the Great East Japan Earthquake and nuclear power plant accident will follow us forever. Still, we cannot stay in the current situation. We need to step forward, and create a new Fukushima. We want to be able to introduce Fukushima as a leading area of renewable energy to rest of Japan and to the World. We are standing at an important crossroad. We call on the grown-ups to listen to us, and lend us a hand.”

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