• Pilgrimage to Hiroshima 2015(Sept. 3, 2015)
    Reconsidering the 70 years since the Bombing – Towards Our Common Future

    What kind of future do we want to fly to on this paper crane?
    *Paper cranes are symbols of peace in Japan.

    This summer was the 70th summer since the city of Hiroshima was attacked by the Atomic Bomb.YWCA of Japan held its program Pilgrimage to Hiroshima 2015 from the 11th to the 13th of August. This was the 45th time the Pilgrimage was held. 60 participants gathered in Hiroshima, junior and senior, from all over Japan, including international students studying in Japan. Guests from YWCA of China and Korea came all over from their countries as well.

    Group work Field trip

    70 years ago in 1945, the Atomic Bomb destroyed all kinds of God’s and human creations. It destroyed relationships between people, and countless valuable lives. After many years, the city of Hiroshima has revived, and it is not easy for us to imagine the Hell that the people of the city experienced.
    The participants to the Pilgrimage met and spoke with the people in Hiroshima, and imagined what “the day” was like through the field trips and a film on Hiroshima before the Bombing.
    The participants were convinced that such tragedy should never take place again, and discussed what kind of future we hope to create and what we can do to realize such future.

    Exchange session Peace memorial monument
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