100 Years HISTORY

Foundation and focus on women's liberation

In 1905, YWCA of Japan was founded by Japanese Christian women under the leadership of the foreign missionaries sent by World YWCA.  In 1906 YWCA of Japan was affiliated to World YWCA.  Its activities focused on liberation of women and improvement of social welfare.

Focus on peace and human rights

At the end of World War Ⅱ, we YWCA of Japan, determined to do our best for building peace.  This results from serious repentance that we had not made enough efforts to resist the war.  Our activities have grounded in belief that true peace does not simply mean the absence of war, but rather means the situation in which all people are able to live with dignity, being free from want and fear.

Change of Membership Qualification

In 1970, YWCA of Japan decided to join open to its membership to any women of all faiths.

100th Anniversary

In 2005, YWCA of Japan celebrates its centenary with 27 local YWCAs which serve people of all generations with various background.