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The 1000th Wednesday Demonstration Global Action Day - Appealing for the Resolution of the “Comfort Women” Issue  (Decemberr 16 , 2011)

On Wednesday 14th December, 1300 citizens surrounded the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in Tokyo, as a demonstration asking the Japanese government to take necessary actions to address the former “comfort women” issue. This action was organized by the Japan Action 2010 for Resolution of the "Comfort Women" Issue. YWCA of Japan also supports this action, and members of local YWCAs in greater Tokyo and suburb areas joined the action with hot spirit in a chilly winter Tokyo.

YWCA からの参加者も外務省包囲に参加 エンパワーするNGO 日本YWCA〜women leading change YWCA からの参加者も外務省包囲に参加
Intergenerational YWCA members joined the "Human Chain" The loop around the MOFA building was formed earlier than expected, amid cheers from participants

The action was carried out in solidarity with the “Wednesday Demonstrations” taking place every week in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, South Korea, which has counted its 1000th time that day. Former “comfort women”, who were subjected to sexual slavery/exploitation by the Japanese military during WWII, have been calling for formal government apology and remedy for 20 years, and the South Korean Government is currently requesting for a bilateral negotiation with the Japanese Government to settle WWII reparation issues including the “comfort women”.

YWCA からの参加者も外務省包囲に参加 YWCA からの参加者も外務省包囲に参加
After the "Human Chain" was completed ,
the participants made appeals facing the MOFA
Participants with a quilt carrying messages of support

Ms. Shindo Song, an 89 year old survivor of the brutal slavery, also joined the action in Tokyo. The participants joined hands and formed a “human chain” that surrounded the MOFA, and called for the Japanese government to listen to the voices of the victims. Visit the official website for details: (http://restoringhonor1000.info/index_english.html).