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YWCA(Young Women's Christian Association) is a global network of women leading social and economic change in 125 countries worldwide. It advocates for peace, justice, health, human dignity, freedom and care of the environment, and has been at the forefront of raising the status of women since it was founded in 1855.

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The massive earthquake hit the northeast Japan

  Contributions (March 18, 2011 updates)
  A month report: Triple Disaster Relief Work (June 10, 2011)
  A month report: Thank you for your solidarity (April 7th, 2011)
  CALL for ACTION! STOP! the Nuclear Power Plant Operation
  letter (March 16, 2011)
  letter (March 12th, 2011)
  letter(March 13, 2011)
  How can I reduce my risk to radiation??
  How can I reduce my risk to radiation??(Vietnamese)

March 18th, 2011 updates

Donation to Supply Women & Children’s Needs
- Northern Japan Earthquake and the Pacific Tsunami -

YWCA of Japan, with a collaboration of churches in Sendai, has started providing aid to women and children who are in suffer since the earthquake and tsunami attack on March 11, 2011.

With your generous donation, we are currently working on 2 steps relief actions.
For short term urgent action, we supply and deliver diapers, powdered milk, feeding bottles, baby food, sanitary goods, and other women and children particular needs to those who are taking refuge and especially to those who are out of public support. We are also making multilingual information for non-Japanese speakers who are at the risk of isolation.

For the 2nd step, local YWCAs in safe area provide rooms for women/women and children for short term stay.
As time passes, situation and needs for survivors change. YWCA of Japan closely keeps eyes on and listens carefully the needs of women and children, and when the 2 step actions get to the point to move forward we advance to the next level of support.

* Because there is no garage or space to stock in-kind donations, we very much appreciate your donation by fund.

Please contribute any possible amount to:

Bank Transfer
Account holder: YWCA of Japan
Bank: Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank (Swift code: BOTKJPJT)
Branch: Ichigaya branch (branch # 014)
Account#: 1282597

Bank Address: 4-8-20 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku
         Tokyo 102-0074 Japan

YWCA of Japan Address: 4-8-8 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku
                Tokyo 102-0074 Japan

The first action period: March 14th to April 30th, 2011

It is a long journey for the devastated community to be recovered and be a safe place for women, children, and those who are marginalized.
We put any updates on our website.

Thank you all for your love and support!

A month report: Thank you for your solidarity April 7th, 2011

We thank you for your generous support for the Tohoku Earthquake and the Pacific Tsunami relief activities.

As of March 25th, we have received messages of solidarity from 37 YWCAs around the world, sisters and brothers of YWCAs and YMCAs and churches, friends from around the world who participated in our programme…and more! We are so touched by all the messages, and knowing that friends all over the world are with us empowers us to move forward.

As of April 1st, we have received fund contributions from YWCAs, YMCAs, organizations and individuals, altogether 306, and an amount of 7,189,942 JPY. We thank you very much for your generous contributions and we continue to implement our relief activities for the survivors, especially those who fall out of public support, and those who need special care and attention.

As of April 4th, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that 19 foreign nationals found lost their lives and there are probably more among the great number of the missing population. We grieve for their precious lives being lost, and pray for their spirit to rest peacefully in heaven.

For the first 2 weeks in this period, the YWCA of Japan delivered emergency goods in cooperation with a Christian church network in Northeast Japan (Miyagi prefecture, one of the heavily attacked areas). Since the road and logistics were completely destroyed in the Northeast, we delivered donated goods for women and children, such as diapers, powdered milk, feeding bottles, baby food, sanitary goods, by relaying the packages from one organization/church to another. As the telephone and internet lines in the affected area were out of order or very limited, we sent and received information by relay as well. Here is a brief report how we delivered the goods in the first 2 weeks of this period.

Goods from local YWCAs -> National YWCA of Japan -> United Church of Christ in Japan Niigata church (Niigata prefecture was the farthest place in the north which people could reach from Tokyo at that time) -> the "Support Center for Victims and Survivors" of the United Church of Christ in Japan Tohoku (Northeastern) Parish in Sendai (the center was newly formed to respond to this disaster and “Sendai” is one of the affected areas in Northern Japan) -> Local churches in Sendai -> Survivors in Sendai area who fell out of public support, such as those who were taking shelters in partially damaged homes, and in a local community center.

Local YWCA members, church members, and other local volunteers helped deliver the goods to the people in need.

In the third week after the massive attack, the first chaotic period seemed to get a bit settled and our partner churches and centers formed a group called “Tohoku HELP” (Tohoku means Northeast Japan) on March 28th. Tohoku HELP is a network consisting of protestant and catholic churches in the Sendai area that have individually undertaken emergency activities in the first 2 weeks. It was impossible to have an organized support system and to have a single communication center for contact during the first 2 weeks though, now they work together as Tohoku HELP, and the support system is working much better.

The YWCA of Japan also responded to the request from Kamaishi area in Iwate prefecture (upper north coastal area heavily hit by tsunami) with packages of food and sweets for survivors, particularly for children. The food and chocolate were donations from YWCAs members and from Ezaki Glico Co Ltd in Japan.

Currently, water and preserved food donations from the YWCA of Korea in cooperation with the two Korean companies Gangwon Deep Sea Water Co., Ltd and SAMYANG FOODS Co., Ltd. are in a process to be transported to the disaster area and people who need clean water. Since the accidents of the Fukushima nuclear power plants, drinking water contamination by radioactivity has been reported and has been a great concern in wider areas, including Tokyo and surrounding prefectures.

Lastly, the YWCA of Japan finally could hold a face-to-face board meeting on April 3rd after the initial emergency responses. We could hardly meet in one place due to aftershocks and transportation troubles. The relief activity project team is approved and sent to the disaster area to investigate the further needs, plan a strategy, and organize our intermediate and long-term projects from now on.

We continue to put updates on our website.

YWCA Japan updates(March 16, 2011)

Dear Sisters around the World,

We cannot express our "THANK YOU" in words, we are so moved and empowered by all your prayers and heartful messages and love and concern for us.

First of all please forgive our late replay that made you worry so much, as the office in Tokyo is also under effect and the communication, human, material resources, and all access and chances are very limited and couldn't get back to you to let you know the situation immediately. There is no loss of lives or injury as well as material damage in the National and Tokyo YWCA offices but communication, transportation, and nuclear contamination are the concerns here. Other YWCAs within the metropolitan area, Yokohama YWCA and Urawa YWCA are also safe.

As time goes by, things get more cleared as well as worsened ... According to the Sendai YWCA survived members and president, they have been trying to contact other members but phone and internet within Sendai and its prefecture (called Miyagi) don't work. From outside area,like from Tokyo, we still have difficulty of communication access but time to time we can get in touch with Sendai survived members. Some Sendai YWCA members live by the tsunami area and we are "Keeping Hope Alive" but worry about them so much!

At this moment, YWCA of Japan is investigating routs and method to ship materials to the people in affected area. The roads and logistics for shipping is yet destroyed and finding partners there who have capability to accept shipped goods is even harder. What we would like your support for at this moment is to join and spread the 2 "call for actions" and please wait for a little while if you are kindly planning to support us by material as there is no way to ship them to the survivors there at this moment. As soon as the method and routs are decided, we will make you updates for a particular needs. Until then please join the 2 call for actions. We thank you so much!

What makes us difficult to take action here is that vast area including Tokyo and even further areas (like Shizuoka where Mt.Fuji locates, Niigata, Nagano, Yamanashi prefectures) that include the whole middle part of the main land Japan has been affected by countless aftershocks still now, and nuclear contamination is expanding on the spring wind (which is strong like a storm, and it is a sign that spring season come). But we cannot celebrate the spring unless the lives are saved.

The YWCA of Japan office in downtown Tokyo is temporary closing until 22nd due to transportation limitation, risk of nuclear contamination in the air, and the aftershocks. But all staff members (7 of us together) are working and communicating via email at home and can see
<> .
Please reach us via this email address.

Continually, we might not be able to reply to you individually but everyone of you is always in our heart! Your presence empowers us! We will of course share your message to the sisters in the affected area, and to our members, local YWCAs, and the board and the executives.

We will put updates on our facebook.

We also pray and share the pain and hope with people who are affected by the earthquake in Christchurch, for women and girls in the Middle East, and all of you who are working and fighting for achieving peace in our lives.

In solidarity.....

YWCA of Japan


The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants’ Accidents
How can I reduce my risk to radiation??

Radiation is invisible. It may or may not cause your health problem but better to be prepared and protect yourself to avoid the risk. It depends on how long and how strong you are exposed to the radiation. You can be exposed to it by air, rain, and by touching or getting close to a material that is contaminated by radiation. (external exposure). And also by breathing contaminated air or taking contaminated water and food. (internal exposure) Radiation may not cause your health trouble instantly but it may be appeared years later or to your children by gene.

◆3 major points to reduce risks
-If you are outside, cover your body as much as you can. (from head to toe)
External Exposure: Rain jacket is useful as it protect you from contaminated wind and rain. For alternatives, plastic bag, newspaper, or anything with smooth surface is better than materials like a towel and sweater as radioactive dust easily stick to those fluffy materials.

Internal Exposure: Wear eyeglasses and mask if available, or cover your mouth and ears with cloth. If clean water is available, wet cloth works better.

When you come inside a house, put the jacket into a plastic bag and leave it outside, as you don’t want a contaminated jacket to be near you all time. Take shower or wipe your body if you can, to get rid of the radioactive dust from your body as much as you can.

-Stay inside a building to cut radiation.
Close the door and window tight. However, make sure you are not alone inside a building so that you can call help when aftershock comes.

-Don’t stay at downwind from a Nuclear Power Plant.
Ask your neighbor where you are now and avoid downwind from the direction of the power plant.

◆Ask Professional Support
-Consult a health staff or doctor Ask medical prevention. There is a solvent (drinkable iodine) you can take to prevent radioactive effect but better to consult professional for a possibility of side effect etc.

YWCA of Japan  Tel: 03-3292-6121 Fax:03-3292-6122

(Tokyo and Yomiuri newspaper source)

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How can I reduce my risk to radiation?? (Vietnamese) read →

Dear Sisters around the World

Thank you again for all your support. Although the strongly affected areas (northern part of mainland Japan) have communication difficulty, YWCA of Japan, board, staff, and local YWCAs overall have established a close and strong communication and now working on information gathering and planning for the next step.

Here are updates. (March 13, 2011)

The aftershocks have been continuing especially the mostly damaged area (northern part of Japan) and other areas including prefectures surrounding Tokyo. Thank God that all of you sisters ’ prayers were heard and all of Fukushima YWCA members (Fukushima is one of the attacked areas) are safe!

The National YWCA of Japan office finally got in contact with the President of the Sendai YWCA (Sendai is one of the other YWCAs in the attacked area) and she was alright and the National office and the survived Sendai members would continue to make sure of other members safety. Sendai YWCA locates on the hill side that first it seemed not to have any damage but serious cracks were found on the building and no one can get inside at this point.

Electricity and water supply started back partially in the affected areas except the tsunami area. People are acting calmly there without being panicking. The Fukushima 1st and 2nd nuclear plants got damaged and we are concerned of the leaking of the radioactive substances.

Residents within 20km from the plants have been removed and taking shelters outside. The danger still remains, and we are concerning of the expansion of the radiation effect and thinking and praying for the local workers recruited to maintain the power plants, who are at the highest risk of radiation exposure.

Fukushima, Sendai (affected areas), and National YWCA re-assured that what we have been stated regarding the danger of the nuclear power (both use of electric power and weapons) are correct, and we forward sisters around the world a message strongly that please do not believe any ads and myth of the nuclear power promising “safety” and “environmentally friendly. It is all false. We don’t want the same thing to happen in any other country.

Now the National office is also started to gathering information of situation and needs particularly of women, elderly, and those who are at risk of marginalization under such disasters. It may take a while to get such particular information under this emergency, as accessibility to IT network is particularly limited in the affected areas that we cannot get any updated detailed information from there. But no worry sisters, God is always with us and especially with those who are in suffer.

The attacked northern part of Japan is now in the coldest season, and heat and blankets as well as food and water are mostly needed. However, roads and any other transport systems got severely damaged and professional level of rescue is under process by national and local governments. What we can do as NGO is the second or third phase of support and the National office and board are now in a close communication and figuring out the next step.

We try to put up any updates on our website

Your message gives us power, thank you all.

YWCA of Japan


Dear Sisters, March 12th, 2011

The massive earthquake hit the northeast Japan (offshore of Miyagi pref.) at 14:46 on March 11th, 2011,counted magnitude 9.0 and reported as the biggest in the history. Death and injured are increasing as time passes. Still now, we feel shakes frequently and relatively bigger quakes have hit many parts of northern Japan since yesterday. We keep our eyes, ears and everything sensitive and carefully watching out the situation now.

Our 2 local YWCAs, Sendai YWCA and Fukushima YWCA, are in the attacked area and the National YWCA of Japan has been trying to contact them. As the electricity is out in the area and people are taking refuge elsewhere so that we cannot yet directly talk to the 2 offices.

But we are receiving information via some sisters of the 2 local YWCAs who happened to be out of the area and will inform you any updates to come. With the tsunami and the continuing shakes, we are also seriously concerning the Fukushima 1st Nuclear power plant's accident. The plant is within the attacked area and radio active substances are leaking, according to the news reports.

The government of Japan issued a declaration of nuclear emergency , and announced residents within 10km from the plants to escape to outside areas. We much concerns of other active 53 nuclear power plants and facilities in Japan.

YWCA of Japan is now trying to make sure of the members' and their family and friends’ safety as the first priority and collecting information of the situation and damages, then will let you know any updates including needed support from around the world. For now, please do pray for us and people in the most damaged area safety and peace in heart.

Naoko Matano, President
Mikako Nishihara, General Secretary
YWCA of Japan


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